Zing Maintenance for Life

Zing Maintenance for Life

Zing fit provides you with continuous extensive support, specialized packages and counselling to maintain the weight loss which you have achieved over a very long span of time, helping you to continue being who you want to be for a lifetime.


Spot Reduction: Are you continuously targeting this abs to get a flat stomach you desire or are you trying various ways to remove the excess flab from your arms!!why wait! Switch over to zing fit’s variety of spot reduction programmes. Spot reduction at zing fit refers to reduction of fat in certain area of the body by use of specialized appliances, exercises, manual therapy and diet regime. It is actually the method of removing subcutaneous body fat stores from specific areas of the body.

This is done by the use of advanced appliances, mmanual therapies, oils, creams, serums, herbs and us a combination of the process and lifestyle modification to achieve the desired result.

There are a variety of processes of spot reduction starting from age old therapies to advanced processes. As you step in at Zing Fit your councellor after checking your BCA and analysing it guides you towards the programme best suited for you which will give desired results.

Thermo-zing slim: Thermo-zing slim as the name suggests is a procedure that is formulated to burn fat with application of heat. It also acts as an energy enhancer. This heat therapy penetrates the body non-surgical nearly two inches deep where fat and toxins are stored without causing uncomfortable heat on the skin’s surface.

At zing fit, it is a special combination of appliances, products and massage therapy. This helps you to loose weight and inches at targeted spots especially where stubborn fat refuses to budge even after you have lost weight.

Expected Result

Weight Loss: Upto 800gms from targeted spot

Inch Loss: Upto 1/2inch or 2cm from one spot in one session

Super trimmer: A specialized programme designed to give your body maximum toning and tightening resulting in rejuvenation and a completely toned appearance.

It is done with the use of advanced RF technology which helps in firming the skin, toning and building up muscles giving a trimmer and toned look to the body in a few sessions.


Give your body a sense of complete renewal, escape from stress, unwind and shed some extra cellulite with zing fit’s aloe wrap treatment.

This treatment is designed to nourish and exfoliate the skin while tightening and toning loose tissue, detoxifying the body, reducing the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks as well as making you loose inches.

Each session begins with an analysis of your BCA followed by full body measurements. Each treatment takes about an hour and is done by professionals using appliances and gel where we use specialzed products herbs, tea applied to the skin and allowed to be absorbed into the deeper layers. The enzyme active nature of aloevera that allows other ingredients to work synergistically and help active properties penetrate deep into the skin. Aloe vera also provides a bonus of holding its water content untill it reaches deeper tissues where it releases the moisture. After the absorption procedure clients are are unwrapped and remeasured to see results.

It is recommended to drink 3-4lit water for 2-3days after the treatment for better flushing of toxins and cellulite removal.

Multiple sessions are recommended to continue your inch loss, fat loss and detoxification procedure.

Expected Result

Weight Loss: Upto 500gms per session

Inch Loss: 3-4inches from the whole body


Toning and Tightening


This is a specialized therapy meant for inch loss. The process happens with the help of specialized gel, appliances and manual massage resulting in effective inch loss from target area or full body. The advances gel is a combination of essential oils, certain herbs which facilitates fat metabolism and muscular movements focussing on problematic areas threby giving inch loss. Tightening pack is applied after the procedure which gives tightening and toning and an improved shapely body.

This process also helps in breaking the stage of stagnancy which comes during our effort to loose weight which is called plateau thus this therapy is, a plateau breaker.

After the treatment is over the client is advice 10-15 mins light exercise under our experts in the clinic for better result.

The process is medically approved and totally without any side effects done under guidance of our expert team.

Expected Result

Inch Loss: 2inches or 5 cm in one session from one area

Improved blood circulation and relaxed muscle tension

Plateau breaker

Stimulates collagen synthesis, increases metabolism



Pollar therapy is also known as the “energy medicine” Because it uses several technique the energy flow and energy balance of the body thus resulting in zonal inch loss. This therapy is an unique combination of advanced appliances using the techniques of radio frequency, vaccum, cavitation lipolysis along with meditation, diet regime to realign your body’s energy balance which is controlled by positive and negative charges in the body’s electromagnetic field.

The session begins with your consultant taking you BCA and checking the fat, water muscle content of your body. Then a variety of techniques are used with appliances, manual therapy, meditation to give your desired inch loss from a particular zone or zones. The procedure takes about one and half hours and gives you fat loss, tightening and rejuvenating all in one go.

It is called six pollar therapy because it uses six poles of different zonure to give you the desired result by releasing blocked energy channels in the body.

Expected Result

Inch Loss: 5inches or 12cm from one particular area in 6sessions(target area tummy/hips/love handles/thighs/arms)

Inch Loss: Upto 1inch in one session

Complete tightening, toning and rejuvenation

Slim-Zing therapy: SLIM-ZING therapy is an advanced therapy which is a combination of weight loss and inch loss from one particular area. This uses specialized products and technology. It is a combination of RF WITH technology and vaccum therapy that delivers revolutionary results. The bipolar energy assists in providing benefits of body contouring, skin lifting and cellulite reduction in one go. A combination of lipolytic gels, oil and serum along with different herbal extracts acts to mobilize target area fat improving blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, stimulates metabolism to shrink fat chambers and break collagen cross links thereby resulting in weight and inch loss from the target area.

A tightening pack is applied after the therapy giving a zonal tightening effect and improves skin elasticity resulting in a slimmer and shaplier body. The application of pack is followed by heat treatment which helps in eliminating toxins which accumulates as a result of fat breakdown.

Expected Result

Weight Loss: Upto 1kg from one zone in 1session

Inch Loss: Upto 1/2inch or2cm from one area

Improved blood circulation and metabolism

Zing-i-lipo: i lipo is FDA approved award winning, non-surgical fat reduction and body shaping technology. When you consume more calories than you can burn the extra calories are stored as fat inside a fat cell. During the procedure i-lipo emits low levels of laser energy which passes safely through your skin. This affects the outside wall of the fat cell called the fat membrane and causes it to release the fat stored within it. This does not affect the other parts such as skin, blood vessels and peripheral nerves. A healthy lifestyle and exercise post treatment will ensure complete metabolism sndcthus fat elimination from the body.

I-Lipo is a safe, painless, non-invasive procedure with revolutionary results that can be used on all skin types and body areas. There is no scarring, no bruises, no downtime, no risk of infection after the treatment and you can take your session and return to your normal work. Laser pads are positioned on areas with more fat concentration from where inch loss and weight loss is desired like upper arms, tummy, thighs and so on. The laser is appled externally and has proven through double blind clinical trials yo emulsify adipose tissue. i-lipo reshapes individual problem areas.

The technology is totally safe and painless. Each session has a duration of about 20minutes and done by experienced professionals. The length of time for your pist treatment exercise bis determined by experts at Zing Fit and is based on your requirements and goals from i-lipo results.

The session depends on the area being treated. It takes around 9-18sessions for an average of 7-23inches loss respectively along with corresponding weight loss.

Expected Result

Weight Loss: Upto 6-8kgs in 7 sessions

Inch Loss: Upto 5-6inches from waist, hips, thighs in 7 sessions

Zing non-surgical liposuction: Zing fit presents non-surgical, non-invasive Body shaping solutions that are medically safe and gives proven result in a short time.

The motto of this treatment is “no crash diets! No needles! No surgery! No body-breaking exercises”.

Non-surgical liposuction and fat reduction is a revolutionary technique performed by the experts using laser. Zing fit presents non-surgical and non-invasive liposuction which are medically safe and given proven, guaranteed result in short time. It combines the skill of modern technology with the ancient wisdom of traditional treatments to contour your body as you like it giving you the maximum benefit.

Advantages of non-surgical liposuction: It helps to reduce body fat, firms up the skin, reduces and rejuvinates dull skin. It is totally non-invasive with no scaring, brushing, soreness or bleeding. There is no hazard of anaesthesia, no risk of infection, no downtime. It can treat more areas at a particular time like hips, tummy, love handles, thighs. It also reduces body fat and firms up the skin and rejuvinates dull skin too.



This is a Specially designed short-term programme which gives you phenomenal results of weight loss, inch loss as well as tightening and toning in just a span of 14days.

In this programme we promote a new concept that is reduction of waist size instead of weight loss. This concept uses the latest technology of cavitation, ultrasonic waves in combination with lipo laser technology. A 40 minutes treatment can reduce girth and spot fat over almost all areas of the body. The single session usually reduces an individual by ½-3/4th inch.

The technology works by penetrating the fat cells in the Adipose tissue. Adipose cells are permeated releasing free fatty acids (FFA), water and glycerol. Together these compounds are known as Triglycerides. After this treatment adipose cells shrink significantly resulting in inch loss of the individual. This session is followed by a whole body muscle stimulation and exercise regime of 10minutes.This helps to burn the FFA’s within the body and stimulates the lymphatic system.

This programme is a combination of advanced appliances, manual therapies, dietary and exercise regime and is executed in a defined manner.

The programme is executed under constant guidance and daily monitoring by a team of doctors, dietitians, physiotherapists and therapists.

Expected Result

Weight Loss: Upto 5kgs and slim down at least 2inches from your waist in just 14days


This treatment is a non-hassle body re-sculpting procedure that provides the benefits of”CO2 Slimming Patch and “liposure body sculpting gel” using the technology of body optimization and cavitation lipolysis. This treatment is very effective using ultrasonic waves to break up the fat under your skin. The fat is dissolved, absorbed into the body and expelled naturally. This procedure apkes pressure on the fat cells through ultrasonic vibrations. The pressure is high enough to make the fat cells break down into liquid form. The broken down fat cells then go to the liver and is excreted as waste from the body.

The acids and carbonates in the slimming patch comes in contact with the liposure gel generation large amounts of CO2 that penetrates into the skin reducing the unwanted cellulite for smooth and firm skin tone and a shaplier body.

This provides a two way procedure for cellulite removal. The total process takes about ome hour and is done under professional guidance.

Look in amazing shape everywhere with Zing’s very own very special Liposure.

Expected Result

Weight Loss: Upto 1kg and 5-10cms I just 1session


Zing fit brings to you a very advanced 4d body sculpting which is an all in one slimming solution giving you weight loss, inch loss, toning and tightening, body contouring and long term maintenance all in one go. Going beyond the limitations of single frequency the 4D sculpting offers the phenomenal technology of body optimization combined with cavitation and lipo laser tecniques giving you instant visible results.

Along with this revolutionary technology it also offers an antioxidant activity to improve your body from within.

The technology targets adipocytes and acts like a mechanical lipolysis. This gives you a good weight loss in just a few sessions along with visible inch loss and a well toned body.

This is a 4dimensional programme for full body transformation which includes

  • Body optimization-for deeper penetration into the internal fat tissues
  • Cavitation lipolysis-for body contouring and removal of fat deposits
  • Lipo laser-for shrinkage of fat cells in the adipose tissue ang toning and tightening
  • Antioxidant activity-to protect your cells from free radicals which plays a role in different major disease

Expected Result

Weight Loss: Upto 8kg in 10sessions

Inch Loss: Upto 25cm in 10sessions

Tightening and Toning

Antioxidant Incorporation


Body Therapy: They are a set of therapies designed to provide relief and reduce tension and also break down fat cells by activation the pressure points in the body. Therapy is given through traditional presure point manual massage, muscle stimulation by appliances, proper breathing techniques, relaxation and body positioning.

These therapies give complete physical and mental relaxation, breaks down fat cells and helps in weight loss.

These therapies are extremely useful when taken in combination with weight loss regime.

Zing Lipo Detox Treatment: The body regularly flushes out toxins, wastes and unwanted products. At times due to environmental facts, body’s inherent problems or different bad habits of outs remnants of the same might be remaining in the body which makes it unhealthy and bloated.

Body detoxification promotes better blood circulation, stimulating lymp nodes so that there is better detoxification, relaxing muscle tension and of course elimination of toxins from the body.

This method flushes out toxins usind rythmical massage with unique scrubbing salts, rejuvenating essential oils, appliance using radio frequency to break down fat cells, mineral packs and certain special detoxification drinks.

Prior to the therapy the clients must meet an experienced consultant who will check the BCA wherein along with the treatment they will adviced customized food pattern and exercise regime.

Zing lipo detox will cause elimination of toxins, loss of fat, weight loss, improved body shape, breakaway of weight plateau and a healthier you.

Expected Result

Weight Loss: Upto 800gms per session

Inch Loss: Upto 4-6

Complete detoxification

Target area(tummy, waist, thighs, hips)

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