Weight Loss
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Weight Loss with a Zing

Transform Your Beauty with Cutting-Edge Technology

Discover the needed freedom whether its to get more active or to eat and be healthy or even from unhealthy habits and pitfalls that hold you back from living the best life. We provide a holistic, scientific, non -invasive and completely natural weight loss procedure which gives a happy mind and soul.

Among its many benefits, weight loss helps in shedding the excess bad fat, thus improving the overall health, fitness and well – being as well as the medical and biomedical parameters you require for living well. Weight loss is designed and delivered as per individual needs after assessing the same which includes health conditions, body composition and medical issues, knowing which helps to set you the best schedule possible.

Fitness assessment includes posture, flexibility, muscle strength, medical check – up and history, anthropometric measurements, particularly waist circumference and waist hip ratio. Weight management requirements are specific to individuals and are provided through a combination of fitness, lifestyle modification, dietary modifications which are supported by safe appliances, manual therapies and customized health drinks rendering desired results provided by our team of doctors, dietitians, physiotherapists, therapists and psychologists.

Losing weight and being at your ideal body weight has several benefits like improved fitness and health, an aesthetically appealing appearance, reduction of various health risks like hypertension or high blood pressure or cardiovascular diseases, delaying the onset of disorders like diabetes, pain from osteoarthritis and so on.

Here weight loss happens as your body is put in a “negative calories balance” state where you burn more calories than you intake and the body uses reserve stores of fat causing weight loss as per your desire.

Zing fit weight loss programmes will help you to understand and envision yourself as a slimmer, healthier and beautiful you from within and outside. It gives you the know-how to develop healthier new habits and inspires you all the way to achieve your dream weight and physique, helping you to live the dream life you want.

Great Staff
We have a team of highly skilled dieticians, medical professionals.
We also provide a post-COVID 19 recovery programme.
Advanced medically proven non-invasive treatments helps in reducing the excess 'bad' fats.
Our Fitness Clinic coming up ...

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Our mission is to provide the best health, heart & soul.

Our motto ” Living well with Doel” points to the hopes of spreading the concept of a beautiful and fit life in every household that utmostly requires it, in turn helping to make the world a better place.
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