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Theme Diets

It is important for us to understand the importance of proper, balanced diet, nutritional and adaptive eating habits without falling prey to any food fads and myths avoiding crash diet so that we can enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Food and nutrition are mandatory for overall physical and mental health. It is important to be aware about healthy food and nutrition as well as preventive food and nutrition.
Living a healthy lifestyle is not an easy task but it is certainly achievable. A proper diet is required to maintain a normal lifestyle as well as diet plays a very important role in certain diseases like diabetes, gout, anaemia, different cardiac conditions, hypertension, thyroid, PCOD, osteoporosis, hypercholesterolemia and so on. A proper diet also has a preventive role and reduces the risk to these diseases. Obesity which is the underlying cause for many diseases can be controlled by proper diet. Losing weight and inches while having a choice of your favourite foods might sound too good to be true. This is made possible by the Zing Fit team. We say no to weird food restrictions and yes to food freedom under proper guidance. We at Zing Fit bring you an array of dietary regimes in our theme diet section which are customized, specialized and designed by expert dieticians and nutritionists. After checking the BCA and taking the dietary history and lifestyle pattern of the client the dietitian will advice you the diet from a range of theme diets available at zing fit. Theme diets are an unique combination of dietary regime, breathing exercises, meditation and freshly made customized health drink. These diets are easy to follow keeping individual lifestyle in mind. They take care of the problem you have come with correcting and preventing it as well. This section also has a range of diets which enhances your immunity system thus preventing you from getting ill. A few diets from this section are The CARBO-DIP DIET, PRO-ENHANCER, KOSHER DIET, MEDITERRANEAN DIET, CLIMATARIAN DIET, THE IMMUNO BOOSTER, FAT TO FIT. Theme diets also cater to a very specially designed post covid-19 recovery programme. This programme gives you customized theme diet and concentrates on improving your lung capacity, removing the effects of medication, improving your appetite digestion reducing fatigue as well as improving your parameters like resting pulse, oxygen saturation and respiratory rate and above all helping in finding inner peace and harmony. These section is under a team of experienced doctors, dietitians and physiotherapists. The team does screening, comprehensive assessments and gives proper guidelines on diet, breathing and relaxation techniques, cardio-pulmonary rehabilitation and general exercises it also provides education and guidance to continue the practice at home for long term continued benefits and on-line support, counseling and consultation.
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Physiotherapy plays an important role in management of both acute and chronic pain. Physical therapy tackles the physical side of inflammation, stiffness, soreness, various pains due to obesity exercise, massage and various other method but it also works to help the body heal itself by encouraging the production of body’s natural pain relief chemicals.
After through assessment by professionals a plan is made to help to reduce pain, address the root cause and prevent recurrence of pain. Understanding pain helps to manage and overcome it. Pain can be primarily of two types acute usually triggered by an injury, a cut, broken bones, pulled muscle etc and chronic like osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic headache, rheumatic arthritis etc. Physiotherapy treatment to relieve your pain includes soft tissue and stretching to relieve tension and spasm, joint mobilisation, corrective exercises, postural awareness, advice to overcome pain in your daily activities and several other advanced methods customized for the individual by trained professionals. At zing fit highly trained professionals assist you to get relief, understand and manage pain which improves the quality of life.
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We have a team of highly skilled dieticians, medical professionals.
We also provide a post-COVID 19 recovery programme.
Advanced medically proven non-invasive treatments helps in reducing the excess 'bad' fats.
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Our motto ” Living well with Doel” points to the hopes of spreading the concept of a beautiful and fit life in every household that utmostly requires it, in turn helping to make the world a better place.
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